ICSE Class 9 English Textbook Solutions

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Total English Solutions

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1.Interchange of Sentences
2.Practice Paper - 1N/A
4.Practice Paper - 2
5.Agreement of Verb with Subject
6.Practice Paper - 3
7.Time and Tense - I
8.Practice Paper - 4
9.Time and Tense - II
10.Practice Paper - 5
11.The Sequence of Tenses
12.Practice Paper - 6
14.Practice Paper - 7
15.Direct and Indirect Speech
16.Practice Paper - 8
17.Active and Passive Voice
18.Practice Paper - 9
19.Transformation of Sentences - 1
20.Practice Paper - 10
21.Transformation of Sentences - 2
22.Practice Paper - 11
23.Conditional Sentences
24.Practice Paper - 12
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