ICSE Class 4 English Textbook Solutions

An Approach to English Grammar & Composition

An Approach to English Grammar & Composition Solutions

Gopal Chandra Thakur, Sahitya Bharati Pub

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1.The Sentence
2.The Phrase
3.Kinds of Sentences
4.Functions of Sentences
5.Parts of the Sentence - The Subject
6.Parts of the Sentence - The Predicate
7.Parts of Speech
8.Classification of Nouns
11.The Case
13.The Adjective
14.Verb Forms
15.Verbs: Tenses
16.Moods of Verbs
17.Use of Present, Past and Future of Be/Have
18.Use of Shall and Will
19.Use of Used To/Would/Going To
20.Use of Simple Present, Past and Future Tense
21.Use of Present/Past/Future Continuous Tense
22.Introductory 'There', Introductory 'It'
24.Comparison and Position of Adverbs
27.Uses of Some Words and Correlatives
29.Concord or Agreement
30.Analysis of Simple Sentences
31.Verbs: Voice
32.Narration (Direct and Indirect Speech)
33.Punctuation and Use of Capital Letters
34.Singulars and PluralsN/A
36.Useful VocabularyN/A
37.Opposites (Antonyms)
38.Word BuildingN/A
39.Making Adjectives from Nouns
40.Making Verbs from NounsN/A
41.Making Verbs from AdjectivesN/A
42.Correct Spellings
43.Letter Writing
44.Story Writing
45.Paragraph Writing
46.Essay Writing
47.Summary Writing
48.Comprehension Test
49.Dialogue Writing
50.Describing a ProcessN/A
51.Notes and Notices
52.Writing a Diary
N/A: Not Available currently but will be available soon.
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08 Sep 2021KH B. S. S.
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08 Sep 2021KH B. S. S.
I want go grammer book 4 how can purchase pls help me.
03 Jul 2022Varsha P.
Hello, I wants New oxford modern English coursebook 4 of book question & answer ??? How ??
28 May 2023Arun K. S.
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